My Spring 2016 Trip with little side stops, covering a little over 6,000 miles, starting with first stop at Three Rivers State Park in NW Florida to meet up with a few other RVers. From there to New Orleans, Lake Medina, Texas and straight on to Roswell,NM to check out my alien friends! Stayed at Butterfiled RV Resort in Benson, Arizona for a week with clean skies using their onsite telescope to view the skies. Hit the Grand Canyon then over to pick up my sister, Brenda, in Colorado before doing the State Parks Loops (Arch, Moab, Canyons, Bryce and Zion) in Utah.

My Summer 2106 Trip ended up with 8,658 miles (July 28 – September 18) starting with my first stop in Lizard Lick, NC where I stayed 9 days with family. From there headed to meet up with my camping buddy Michelle in Paris, Tennessee before heading off for our Adventure.

First Part of Trip 

Drove 8,658 miles using 810 gallons of gas costing $1,683 in fuel.