2003 Dynamax Carri-Go M2510

Having 2 other RVs before this one and each named YODA, this 2003 Dynamax Carri-Go M2510 with V-10 Ford E450 Super Duty Chassis, is named YODA III. Since purchasing Yoda on June 23, 2015 and have made many upgrades to fit my traveling comfort.

New tires at $1,000 only to find out the tire place could not do an alignment as they didn’t have a rack big enough. Found a place 50 miles away for an alignment, oil change, caliphers on both front tires (found out about the caliphers after the alignment). Generator needed repaired involving taking it out, replacing a part then reinstalling plus a few other minor odds and ends (thermostat replacement, electrical outlet outside replaced, etc.) completed. Hated the dirty stained carpet so that was ripped out and replaced with plank vinyl.

House battery was located under the corner bed making it VERY difficult for access and compartment very small which limits upgrading battery. Did a major overhaul by relocating the batteries to a larger compartment with outside access and slide out tray. Now I am able to upgrade by camping by adding solar panels!

Purchased two 150 watt Renogy solar panels and controller to be added to Yoda. Panels will be free standing and not attached to roof. Am so thankful to have Ronnie Richardson in my life as he worked in rain to run wires for this idea and fixed the controller inside on the bedroom wall for easy viewing. I can not camp without hooking up to electricity for a long period of time….. in fact, stayed 10 days in Sawtooth National Forest (Idaho) dry camping!

In 2016 Yoda’s mileage increased by about 16,000 miles…. am ending the year with odometer reading of 64,967.

Got tired of lugging the portable solar panels in and out of Yoda so in February 2017 had the panels installed on the roof. Traded one 150W panel for two 100W panels and now have a total of 350 watts of power with a 1,000 watt inverter installed inside. Yoda is now good for camping without needing to plug in for long periods of time.

Dry Camping for 10 days in Sawtooth National Forest